Benefits of Hotdesking

Benefits of Hotdesking

Hotdesking is growing in popularity these days, especially for small business owners, who may have chosen to go down the virtual office route to save money, but requires a conventional office from time to time.

Some of the benefits of hotdesking include:

  • Location: A convenient, central location, easily accessible for business commuters.
  • Networking: Sharing workspace is a great way to make new business contacts. Combined with meetings facilities so you can entertain clients – all without the costly overheads fixed offices bring.
  • Service: Staff who are willing to lend a hand with everything from photocopying to a lunch order.
  • Convenience: Hassle-free working. Simply plug-in the laptop and you’re ready to start work in the matter of just a few minutes.
  • Innovative: Research has also shown that a modern, stylish business environment can really boost productivity. Interior spaces are designed to encourage creativity and innovation.
  • Private work space: Hotdesking spaces are generally designed for working collaboratively but also offer alcoves or meeting rooms for those seeking extra privacy.
  • Affordable: A huge saving, especially for cash-strapped startups. Shared spaces don’t require hefty up-front fees, utility bills and lengthy contracts.  Instead costs are arranged similarly to a gym, allowing users to buy varying levels of membership depending on how frequently they need access.


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