What is Hotdesking?

What is Hotdesking?

Hotdesking‘ is where desks or office space is not signed to an individual but is free for anyone to use when they need it. So you are not confined to one dreary desk but can jump from sofa to stool as suits your work style.

A type of co-working, hotdesking does not assign a particular area to any one company but enables free movement around the co-working space for members.

Hotdesking encourages creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking by enabling you to mix up your physical workspace. It can also save your company money by reducing the overheads required for your daily business operations.

Why have a permanent office when you are out making sales calls most of the day? Or sit in traffic in/out of town? Hotdesk in between meetings and save yourself time and money.

When you need more space or a private zone, meeting rooms can be hired.

Or take advantage of communal areas to network and bounce ideas off like-minded professionals.

To find out more about hotdesking options, please contact us today.


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